3 Sweet Tips to Market Your Rock-Star Business

Start with three. People tend to forget 10 items. (That's why reader comprehension goes way down after three bullet points.) Here are three marketing tips to market your business -- off the top of our heads, of course:

  1. Forget the Masses. Start Small.

    Let's face it: As entrepreneurs, we can't market to the mass population, and expect overnight success. The mass market is attracted by who else is buying. It's the whole herd phenomenon: because other people are buying it, it must be good, right? If it starts with that, then how do we get initial customers? Capture those who are leaders: elite athletes, celebrities, business leaders, etc--who will, in turn, influence others. Of course, you might not know them on a national level; but, more than likely, they exist at your local level.
  2. Forget Uniqueness. Be the Best.

    "Have a unique selling proposition?" "Find a niche?" "Be different?" Blah. Blah. "Blah?" Blah. The whole uniqueness concept is the worst advice we've probably ever received. Businesses don't become great because they seek uniqueness. They excel because they seek greatness in areas they know they will murder the competition. You probably won't emulate Michael Jordan. But, you can be better than him at something, can't you? Unless you're an all-world talent, don't aim for the NBA; instead, aim for a destination where the world (or your a particular industry) can herald your heroics.
  3. Forget Selling. Pitch Solutions.

    As business-builders and entrepreneurs, we usually fail at capturing customer hearts (cheesy, eh?) because of one thing: we seek the me-first solution. We wonder what we can get from a customer. We wonder how many referrals we can get from somebody. Yet, when we switch our focus to a me-second attitude, a dramatic thing happens: what we want for us will come around much faster, and in higher quantity.

As in everything, marketing your business and attracting customers takes time. Overnight success never works. Instead, be consistent. Achieve small and positive results, consistently. Companies that win in the long-run are those that keep on persisting. Peace.

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Posted on July 02

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