How to Get New Customers

They tell you:

  • Contact all your friends!
  • Contact all your family!
  • Contact all your referrals!

But, SUCK happens when you that.

  • You'll quickly run out of leads.
  • You'll quickly run out of ideal customers.
  • You'll quickly run out of business opps.

A recession hits: BAM, you're out of customers. No one needs anything right now? BAM: out of customers. They don't have the budgets? BAM: no mo customers.

Relying on your connections makes your business unpredictable as you teeter off a cliff of destruction; you start relying on fate instead of taking master control of your success.

Businesses die because they depend solely on their connections, instead of pushing beyond their comfort zones to get new customers.

A sustainable business means a steady flow of customers buying from you.

How Do You Get a Steady Flow of Customers?

The two stepper to success:

  1. Grab a list of prospects.
  2. Pitch!


Pitches can be cold calls (slaaaaappppp anyone who says cold calls don't work), or advertising, or anything else that gets your products/services in front of customers.

For example:

  1. Bob gets a list of businesses in his area.
  2. Bob calls them up: "Hi. I run a computer repair shop. Is there anything I can help you with?"
  3. Bob does that over-and-over-and-over-and-

Every pitch gives Bob an X% chance of success.

That means:
  • The more pitches, the more leads, the more customers.
Bob knows business is a game of chances; calling up prospects is like putting coins into slot machines: there's a chance for major success with every call.

But instead of having the odds stacked against you, the magnitude of his company's success correlates with every pitch.

Rule. Thumb.

The simple distinguishing factor between a super sales company and Teh Suck Sales Company is one simple variable:

  • The ^ of pitches.
If you ever need to skyrocket sales, skyrocket your number of pitches.

You'll be in business forever.

Pitch. More.

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Posted on December 10

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