How to Change Yourself

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Betty's Little Story

Once, Betty was once a high school dropout. Years later, she revolutionized the paper industry with her billion-dollar company. What likely drove Betty to change for the better?

  • a) Betty gained some new insights.
  • b) Betty acted on what she already knew.

Research points to (b). That is, people likelier change when they use concepts they've learned/experienced/previously-used.

Change Within

Ask yo-self:

  1. "What do I already know?"
  2. "How can I apply what I already know?"
  3. "Most important, when will I apply what I know?"

They don't need new books, new consultants, or new insights to drive improvement. Instead, change most often happens when you apply what you've already learned.

"So, why do people rarely change?"

It's what Jeffrey Pfeffer and Robert Sutton calls the "knowing-doing" gap. That is:

  1. Johnny learns X.
  2. Johnny never applies X.
  3. Johnny renders X useless.

Like Johnny, the people all over the wonderful world rarely apply what they learn/know. That's why they're continually buying new books, hiring new consultants, creating new "strategic" missions -- thinking that next new "spark" will change their lives forever. That's akin to them running the streets looking for their next high, when the biggest high they could ever get lies at home -- with their families. (Deep.)

You = Smarter Than You Think

  1. You've stored a ridiculous amount of super-very-very useful knowledge already.
  2. You probably apply 10% of it.

Rock the other 90%. (When you've done so, gain new insights to empower yo-self further. That prevents you from chasing high-after-high.) Win.

Rock the 90.


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Posted on November 07

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