Business Finance: The Blueprint

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Managing small business finance is one of the most important aspects in running your business, yet we tend to forget it because it's such a confusing topic. We've created this guide to help you understand it much better. It's divided into two topics:
  • Finding Money
  • Managing Money

Finding Money, Smartly

Watch out for those who tell you to accept all offers. For example, an inexperienced and aggresive investor will be a great burden. Finding the right sources will provide you the experience and expertise required to build your business effectively. Most importantly, they'll give you the needed control to grow your company. If you're just starting out or need to raise capital to fund an investment, use these small business finance guides to find smart cash.
  1. Self-Financing: It's the best way to fund your small business.
  2. Friends, Family, & Acquaintances: Free small business financing, but it can come at a cost.
  3. Business Investors: Learn the basics of investment capital. Angel Investors: They're all around you. Know what to do.
  4. Venture Capital: It's hard, but you'll learn the best way to get it.
  5. Small Business Loans: Learn the basics of loans. Banks: Learn how small business banks can provide you capital.
  6. SBA Loans: A great option if you can't qualify for bank loans.
  7. For Women: Learn an SBA option to find a loan.
  8. Small Business Grants: Learn the basics of getting a small business grant.

Managing Your Money

It's a topic most small business owners overlook, but it's vital. Without understanding where your company stands financially, you risk your entire operation. Knowing your numbers is a strong and vital management instrument. These tools will show you how to manage your small business finance efficiently.

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Posted on February 18

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